Mum cheers kids up with back-to-school lunch menu

Mum cheers kids up with back-to-school lunch menu

The coronavirus pandemic has abruptly ended school life meaning children are out of their normal routines. Some kids are missing their friends, teachers and even their school dinners.

So one mum has come up with her own little take of popular staples once enjoyed in schools.

Heidi, an Australian mum, wrote her own school menu and offered her kids options such as chicken nuggets, party pies and desserts like chocolate milk and a juice box.


Sadly there was none of the retro sprinkle tray bake we all know and love so much. But the idea has been lauded by other parents who are saying they’d like to try it out on their kids.

And now that many of them are ‘back to school’, parents have ample opportunity to get the lunches ready.

While it’s tempting to reheat last night’s pasta and serve it for lunch, it seems children are missing the variety of school lunches. You don’t have to break a sweat either.

Heidi had some very simple options but her kids loved the whole menu option. She shared the tip on Facebook page ‘Lunchbox Ideas Australia’ where parents share their own ideas and suggestions for what to put in their childrens’ meals.