5 Incredible Ways to Saving Money on Your Holiday Accommodation

The 4,416km square kilometer Kangaroo Island is a true scenery of wonderful creations and nature at its best. The island is home is to a large population of native Australian animals, a wildlife sanctuary of its kind. It’s the place you shall be able to taste the most wondrous and unexpected food, fruits and drinks in the world. For the lovers of history, compelling and interesting historical stories are in store for you. Accommodation Kangaroo Island options are unmatched, and they are designed and located with your needs in mind.

Whether you want to stay in more secluded areas, prefer to be close to the restaurants and shops, or you simply want to be near the ferry port, there is an accommodation facility to suit your preference. Similarly, the Island has ideal accommodations for people traveling in families and for solo travelers as well. There is something for everyone on Kangaroo Island.

Accommodation is one of your major costs when traveling for your holiday. Thankfully, there are cost-saving strategies you can apply to keep accommodation costs low. You can spend the extra cash you save enjoying the magnificent sceneries and fun activities on the Island. So, what are these cost saving tips?

Think about the location

Staying miles away from town and major attraction means an increase in your transportation costs. Choose accommodation Kangaroo Island offers that is central to the main attraction sites, restaurants, shops, the ferry port and the airport. This way you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time, accommodation and transportation costs.

Visit in the shoulder season and mid-week

Accommodation rates tend to rise during weekends since the services are in high demand. Mid-week rates, on the other hand, are incredibly low – sometimes as low as a third of the weekend prices. This is the same scenario for shoulder season travels. When you visit Kangaroo Island during the period between the peak and off-peak season, you will score great discounts on accommodation, and still enjoy your favorite destination sites devoid of large crowds.

Consider facilities

Look for accommodation with free cable TV, free breakfast, free airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi and a tour booking desk. These facilities will save the cost of sourcing them from elsewhere. A well-equipped kitchen in your accommodation is an added advantage since you can make your food and save money on eating out.

Avoid the town center

Interestingly, accommodation located just slightly outside the town center cost much lower than those within the town. If you don’t don’t mind the short commute, consider facilities a few miles away, perhaps near your destination sites. You might save a bundle with this trick.

Go for shared units

Among the most cost-effective accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer are rental homes. They are quite ideal for groups and families. In rentals, everyone is accommodated in the same unit unlike in hotels where you have to get separate units for the family members. They provide lots of space and privacy that you value so much during your holidays. Read More at http://www.seadragonlodge.com.au.